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The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey

Dear Members,
We share the happiness of giving good news to our members in 2019. The first good news we will share is Babadağ Cablecar Project which will add value to our region. We took our preliminary approval from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestery for the change of departure station in order to be able to experience Ölüdeniz view while climbing to the top of the cable car. There is no more obstacle to Babadağ Cablecar Project and it has become more and more valuable. The construction is in progress and energy transmission line will be completed in June.

The aim is Spreading Tourism to 12 Months in Fethiye
Our Babadağ Cablecar Project will be completed in a timely manner as planned. Fethiye and Seydikemer have a great potential in terms of alternative tourism as it may be seen from the intense participation to the seminar titled as Spreading Tourism to 12 Months in Fethiye and Alternative Tourism Areas organized by our Chamber. We should use this potential as best as possible.

I would like to convey to our dear readers a topic about paragliding sport which has an undeniable part on spreading tourism to 12 months in our region. Belcekız Beach, landing spot of paragliders, has become a face of our nation and our region’s at international platform. Belcekız Beach, which is the landing spot of 162 thousand jumps only made from Babadağ in 2018, should be operated with the public interest. Yet, we are sadly observing that the commercial management of Belcekız Beach risking sporting activities. Especially, at International Ölüdeniz Air Games Festival, the rise of accidents happen during landing is seriously damaging the image and reputation of our region at international platform. Considering that the number of jumps from the Babadağ will be at least doubled with the completion of our cable car project, that’s why to make paragliding sport safely, Belcekız Beach must be operated with public interest.

Visa procedure for Greece will be available from our Chamber
I would like to share another good news with you. Our members and public in Fethiye will no longer have to go to Izmir or Marmaris to get a visa for Greece.

During the visit we made to the Greek Consul General Mrs.Argyro Papoulia on March 14, we talked about the visa procedures to be made through our Chamber. We would like to thank Mrs. Argyro Papoulia for her kindness on behalf of our members and public in Fethiye. From now on, we will be able to carry out visa procedures for Greece with an appointment system. I believe that thanks to ease of visa, our touristic, cultural and economic relations will be strengthened with our neighbour Greece.

Dear Members,
With our 5-year strategic plan to increase the quality of the services we offer to our members, our vision is “Being a strategic actor in the socio-economic development of the region” and our mission is “Ensuring quality service to our members by providing continuous development of our employees and serving the region by creating ‘Power Union’ together with all our stakeholders”. As Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in direction to our new vision and mission, the most important goal is abolishing the obstacles to the economy of Fethiye and Seydikemer, leaving a bright future for our children, a region developed for future generations.

Yours Sincerely ,

Osman Çıralı

The President Of Board Of Directors

e-mail: osman.cirali@fto.org.tr

0252 614 57 91
0252 614 11 15
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