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The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey
About Chamber Of Commerce and Industry In Turkey

In Turkey Chambers of Commerce and industry are important professional representative bodies and membership is compulsory. The chambers play a very important and active role in the day-to-day life of businesses. These organisations have an integral part to play in the structure of commerce and business and their influence on socio-economic life impacts locally, nationally and internationally. The statutory obligation for all individuals with companies to be a member of a chamber relevant to their activity and region makes Turkish Chambers very powerful semi-public entities.

Their roles include:

• Informing and supporting members with legislation and legislative changes
• To help identify and solve issues relating to doing business in and with Turkey’s private sector.
• Helping to create and maintain a strong local economy
• Promoting the community nationally and internationally
• Providing networking opportunities for local businesses
• To improve business and investment environments domestically and abroad
• Representing businesses in discussions at Government level

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry or FCCI (FTSO in Turkish) is a very active chamber; working to promote foreign and domestic socio-economic development within the town, as well as support the Turkish economy as a whole.

Muğla in general and Fethiye in particular is one of Turkey’s most important international and domestic tourism destinations and the town’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry addresses particular attention to this economically significant sector.

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce, originally established in 1901 as Meğri Chamber of Trade, was one of the first five established in the country. During the earliest years of the Chamber, Meğri (later the town’s name was changed to Fethiye,) was a thriving import and export centre with both Greek and Turkish tradesmen members, all of whom were part of the Ottoman Empire at that time.

Sadly, much of the earliest documentation and information about the first years of the chamber has been lost. Much was lost in 1957 due to a massive earthquake that struck Fethiye and even more was lost in a fire the following year.

These two unfortunate events resulted in the loss of a fascinating historical record that would have shed light on the economic and business life of Fethiye in the first half of the 20th century.

Past chairmen:

1920 – 1930   H. KAMİL ŞIKMAN
1930 – 1938   S. ZEKİ PEKİN
1938 – 1945   HİLMİ DÖĞERLİ
1945 – 1953   BAHA ŞIKMAN
1953 – 1966   A. KEMAL KARADENİZLİ
1966 – 1972   ÇETİN Ş. ERGEN
1972 – 1975   EROL KAYA
1975 – 1981   ÇETİN Ş. ERGEN
1981 - 1984   EROL KAYA
1984 – 1995   YILMAZ YILMAZ
1995 – 2005   EROL KAYA
2005-2018   AKİF ARICAN

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce’s Secretary Generals include KÜÇÜK HASAN EFENDİ, ALİ ODABAŞI, HİLMİ ÜNAL, ZEYYAT OZAN and since 2005 FÜSUN ŞAHİN who continues her duties to the present time.

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